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Why is Turkey a Symbol of Thanksgiving? You Can Display a Chainsaw Carved Turkey Bird in Your Home or Yard!

There are many things associated with Thanksgiving such as cornucopias, Turkeys, and abundance of food. Though there are quite a few symbols of Thanksgiving, turkeys often take the forefront. Today, we at Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings would like to further elaborate on turkeys in light of Thanksgiving that is around the corner. Did…

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Chainsaw Sculpting; Carving Tips for Beginners, Carver Learning Workshop Classes with Instruction & More

When an artist by the name of Ken Kaiser created a series of tree carvings for an American roadside museum, chainsaw art was given a thrust into the spotlight in the early 1960’s. Inspiring others to try their own hand at chainsaw sculpting these carvings were huge and incredibly detailed. As a growing art, chainsaw…

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Dog Chainsaw Carvings; Wagging Tails, Seeing in Color, Nose Print, Third Eyelid & Other Facts About Dogs

People can often translate their doggie’s wants and body language. From detecting bouts of jealousy and seeing the fascinating things dogs can do, there are many amazing traits people may not realize that we at Carve Me A Bear Chainsaw Carvings would like to discuss today. Interesting Facts About Dogs Dog’s Urine Corrodes Metal. Because…

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