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Amazing Parrot Facts for Chainsaw Carvings; Most Parrots are Birds that Mate for Life & More

Parrots have become a common household pet, and with over 370 different species, people have a variety to choose from. Generally, these birds live in tropic areas and are brightly colored. The parrot’s beaks are curved bills, and they have strong legs and clawed feet. Experts believe that parrots are among the most intelligent in…

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Interesting Facts About Animals; Bears Eat Honey, Elephants Can’t Jump, Crows Play Pranks & More

With so many animals in the world, there seems to a spirit animal for everyone. Some prefer the domesticated animals, other love the adorable nature of agriculture animals, others the jungle, woodlands, or even sea animals. No matter your preference for these animals often people feel motivated to have a collection for their tribute, especially…

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