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Wooden Chainsaw Carvings of Wizards; Wizard Folklore, Magic Sorcerer Powers & More

Wizardry is an intriguing subject to many people. Books, films, and imagination often stars the crafting of magic. Quite a few people are envious of the inquisitive nature, poise, power and mystical abilities. Frequently appearing in different cultures with their folktales and myths, wizards are generally depicted as male witches. Wizards can be good or…

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Why are Reindeer Associated with Christmas? Chainsaw Carving of Santa’s Rudolph & More

Reindeer are often associated with winter and especially Christmas. Though not everyone celebrates Christmas, many appreciate the majestic creatures of the Arctic. It seems now that reindeer have always been associated with Christmas traditions, but in actuality that hasn’t been the case. Today, we at Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings would like to relate…

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