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  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!

Amazing Facts About Elephants; Elephant Herd Structure, Lifespan, Trunk, Diet & More

Elephants are remarkable animals. These gentle giants consume various grasses, bark, roots, leaves and bamboo in their diet. Elephants are mischievous however and are known to pilfer sugarcane and banana crops from farmers. Adults alone eat between 300-400 pounds of food a day. There are many people who adore the floppy ears, the quizzical trunk, and the friendly demeanor many elephants have towards people and especially each other. With so much adoration there are quite a few people who collect anything elephant; from photos and paintings, to sculptures and trinkets and anything else in between. We at Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings carve elephant sculptures with a chainsaw for the enthusiast! Today, we would like to share some fun facts to celebrate elephants.

Elephant Herd Structure

The largest land mammals are elephants. Made of females, wild elephants live in herds where the only males are the young calves. The leader of the herd is the Matriarch, which is generally the oldest female. Known as Aunties, the mother elephant will have help with the babies from other elephants in the wild. Together they will raise the baby after a new mother chooses her aunties. Up until he is about 15 years old, the young male elephants stay with the herd, where he will then live alone like most other bull elephants.

What Do Elephants Eat & Drink

Elephants never eat meat, only eating the grasses and fruit as mentioned early and have a sweet spot for bananas. Elephants are known to be clever as they can peel their own bananas and corn as well as other fruits.
Elephants love the water and will frequently stop at a river to bathe, play and swim. While at the watering hole, wild elephants can easily drink up to 60 gallons of water a day, or the equivalent of 275 2-liter sized cola bottles. They suck the water up into their trunk and spraying it into their mouths to drink water. Additionally, they get a kick out of using their trunk like a shower to squirt themselves, other elephants and even people with water.

Elephant Trunk

The elephant’s trunk is one of the most amazing creations in nature. The trunk can be used to pick up something large like a tree all the way down to a small coin. The African has two fingers at the end of truck as the Asian elephant only has one finger on the end of their trunk. Being very cautious and protective of their trunks, an elephant’s trunk is very sensitive. The trunk is used as a communication tool as well as to drink, smell, pick up food and touch. The trunk is diverse, used to tenderly touch a loved one or as a weapon in self-defense.

Lifespan of Elephant

The elephant’s average lifespan is similar to humans, approximately 70 years. Elephants, being very emotional creatures, cry when they are upset and squeak and trumpet when they are happy. Other than humans, elephants are the only other animal to grieve their dead. Elephants have a good memory when compared to other animals and have a tendency to be fearful of dogs.

Elephant Wood Chainsaw Carvings & More in Las Vegas, Nevada & Helena, Montana

Being that elephants are so clever, many will play jokes on their humans when they are domesticated and will have a lifelong bond with their mahout (elephant rider, trainer or keeper). If you are one to enjoy elephants, or have a loved one who does, be sure to check out the one-of-a-kind chainsaw elephant sculptures from Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings.

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