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Amazing Facts About Elephants; Elephant Herd Structure, Lifespan, Trunk, Diet & More

Elephants are remarkable animals. These gentle giants consume various grasses, bark, roots, leaves and bamboo in their diet. Elephants are mischievous however and are known to pilfer sugarcane and banana crops from farmers. Adults alone eat between 300-400 pounds of food a day. There are many people who adore the floppy ears, the quizzical trunk,…

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Nature’s Bandit, Masked Raccoon Wood Carvings; Identification of Raccoons, Habitat & More

Raccoons are known as nature’s bandits. In many locations, wild raccoons are considered a pest, but so many are letting these bandits steal their heart’s they are fast becoming domesticated pets. Their adorable faces and playful demeanor has won over people who even admire them from afar. Whether you love these animals enough to adopt…

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