• Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Presentation of Custom Chainsaw Carving in Memory of Fallen K-9 Officer Nicky
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  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!

Chainsaw Carvings of Animals with Scales; Fish, Snake, Lizard Scale Sculptures & More

When you are looking at the wide array of animals that exist on the planet it can be overwhelming. There are many species of animals, pests and more that exist and they each have their own unique characteristics. The interesting thing is that you can start to put them into categories that make them join in a way that is similar. It is a fun way to bring things from different regions into a group that make them an interesting type of animal to look at. One way that you can join them is by listing something that is similar such as scales. There is a list of animals that have scales that you might enjoy.

Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings Lists Animals Covered with Scales

Fish Have Scales: One of the top critters that have scales that most of the world think about are fish. They of course have scales and they are beautiful and colorful and very different and unique. The number of species of fish that exist is astronomical. Some people love the fish that you can get at the pet store and keep in a tank. They are something you can have in your home as a part of your everyday décor. There are other people that love fish for the simple fact that they want to go fishing. This is a way to feed a family and has been for a long time. The existence of fish has been used a way to create sustenance for people long before the grocery stores. The fish come in many varieties that all have their own taste and flavor depending on what you like. This will often steer the fisherman to a particular lake, ocean or stream to do their fishing around the world.
Snake Scales: Another slithery critter that has scales are snakes. They are a critter that either give you the creeps or you love to look at and even keep in your own home. They are a critter that brings people out to the zoo to check out their behavior as well as their size. There are some snakes that can reach to sizes that dwarf even a person. They can also be quite small and stay that way depending on the species that you are looking at. If you love snakes or what they mean but you don’t want one living in your home you can have a carving created of one. This will allow you the ability to enjoy their coloring and patterns while not having one slinking through your house.
Lizards Have Scales: Like their cousin the snake, lizards also have scales. They are different than a snake in the way that they have legs and feet. They also come in a variety of species that are great for the environment. They are there to keep the balance in a good position and keep the right amount of pests and other small animals in check. Lizards are also something that people will keep as a pet while other choose to see them in captivity or out in nature.

Chainsaw Carvings of Scales Critters & More in Las Vegas, Nevada, Helena, Montana & Nampa, Idaho

Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings have the ability to create a carving of your favorite scaled critter or other creature. Call us today to place your order.

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