Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs Wood Chainsaw Carvings Part 1 – Rat, Ox, Tiger & Rabbit

When you are looking for a wood carving that means something to you there are lots of options. You can choose your favorite character in a cartoon. You can choose your favorite animal at the zoo or you can even have your name carved into a sign. There are lots of people that like to follow their horoscope and even know what their Chinese zodiac sign is. The signs are based on a 12 year cycle and you can find out what yours is by the year of your birth. Depending on the year that you were born you are assigned an animal to go along with it.

Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings Lists the First Four Animals in The Chinese Zodiac

Year Of The Rat: If you are born in the year of the rat you are said to be quick witted and resourceful. You can read on and on about the ways that a person born in the year of the rat should live. There are suggestions for careers that are best as well as how to live healthy. There are lots of types of rats and they are kept as pets and found out as a rodent amongst the world. They usually have a long bare tail that is often the same length as the body. They have a long nose with eyes that seem to bulge off the side of their head. They can have fur that varies in color from brown, black and even white.
Year Of The Ox: If you are born in the year of the ox you are said to be diligent and determined. You also have lucky colors and numbers based on the sign that you are. The lucky number for the year of the ox is 14 while the colors are white, yellow and green. You are in good company if you were born in the year of the ox sharing it with none other than Walt Disney. An ox is a very big bold animals that are used to work on farms and to carry heavy loads. Their best known feature is the large hump at the top of their back as well as ears that usually flop down a bit on the side.
Year Of The Tiger: If the year of the tiger is when you were born then you are said to be brave, competitive and charming. You are in the same sign as Tom Cruise and the Dalai Lama. If you want to do well in a career you want to be in a position of leadership. The tiger is a great jungle cat to have a carving of. They are large and sleek and have stripped coats that let them blend in with the surroundings to make them unseen to future prey. They are known for their coloring and patterns.
Year Of The Rabbit: The most common traits of a person that is born in the year of the rabbit are usually quiet, skillful and patient. Other famous people that were born in the year of the rabbit are Albert Einstein and Michael Jordan. There are many types of rabbits that you can choose but they all have the similar looks. They have that cute bunny tail and long ears that either stand up or flop over. You can find them in all sorts of colors and sizes.

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