Clark The Carver Does a Chainsaw Carving Safety Demonstration & Helps a Cub Scout Troop Earn Their Wood Carving Belt Loop in Las Vegas, NV!

Clark The Carver is a well-known carver in Las Vegas, Nevada that does custom, one of a kind chainsaw carvings out of wood stumps. The reclaimed wood is picked up by Clark and he uses specialized tools and skills to carve unique creations such as bears, dogs, owls and more. Clark has always done a lot to give back to the community including a pet memorial for a fallen K-9 officer from the LVMPD. Clark recently had the chance to work with a local Cub Scout Pack with a belt loop.

Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carving Explains What Happened When A Local Cub Scout Pack Came Out To Witness His Carving Skills & Earn Their Wood Carving Belt Loop

What is the Cub Scout Wood Carving Belt Loop: One of the awards that a cub scout can earn with the Boy Scouts Of America is a belt loop. It is an award that has a series of steps that each boy must complete in order to get the award. The steps are kept track of by a den leader and registered with the BSA. The woodworking belt loop is one of the options that the boys have to earn. They have to learn the basics of carving, tools used and safety. The boys at the end of the process will need to create their own carving. They are given a bar of soap and should use all they learned to plan and outline the idea. Then carve the idea until they are happy with the final product. After the carving is done the den leader will sign the boys off and get the award for them.
What Did Clark The Carver Teach the Cub Scouts: When Clark the Carver had the scouts on location to learn more about what is done when you carve, Clark took time to teach safety as well as carving. He showed them the importance of wearing safety gear when using the tools that he uses such as chainsaws. Chaps are used to block all the sawdust, pieces of wood and even protect from the actual chainsaw. The chaps are a necessary part of the carving process. Other safety gear that is needed is eye protection like glasses or goggles as well as gloves to protect your hands. You also want to use ear protection like earplugs to protect your ears from the loud noise. Clark taught the safety procedures that must be followed when using the chainsaw. Clark also went over the types of tools that are used when he carves. He uses customized chainsaw with different chains, engines and speed to get the effect that he wants. The parts of the carving tools were taught and the importance of keeping the tools clean and in great working order. The scouts were then treated to a live carving of a beautiful bear carving! Each cub scout was able to take home a token from the event and sent off to try their hand at their very own carving out of soap!

Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carving Offers Custom Made Chainsaw Art In Las Vegas, Nevada & Helena, Montana.