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  • Tree Stump Chainsaw Carvings
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!

Custom Tree Trunk & Stump Sculpture Carvings; Choosing Trees, Designing, Carving & More

Whether you have an old tree or tree stump in your yard, it can be put to better use than simply cutting it down, especially if the tree has sentimental value. A more delightful option that can add a unique addition to your landscaping is to commission a tree stump artisan to carve a sculpture. Today, we at Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings would like to share some tips on how you can commission an artisan to carve your tree stump into a work of art.

Choosing a Tree for a Sculpture

Where this may seem simple enough, some people desire to have a tree sculpture regardless if there is a stump. Picking the right tree can be simple, however. A sickly tree that would otherwise need to be removed is a good candidate or a forgotten stump of course. Perhaps the tree the kids played in when they were young might be the right tree for the project. Whether the reasons are practical or sentimental, most trees can be transformed into sculptures. If the tree or stump is excessively rotted or unhealthy, it may not be usable.

How to Design an Outdoor Tree Sculpture

Once you know the tree or stump that is to be the canvas, having an idea of what you want and finding a sculpture is next on the agenda. Below are a few tips to help you on your quest.
1) Take a photo of the stump/tree. Next to the tree stump for size reference (you can use a person, house or nearby garage), take a photo of the tree or stump and surrounding landscape.
2) Look online for ideas. To convey what you are looking for, its nice to have pictures you have a found online or if you are good at drawing, sketching it out can help ensure you get what you are looking for.
3) Contact a sculptor. Contact Carve Me A Bear in Las Vegas for your stump/tree sculpture. We will ask specific on your sculpture and the trees specs as well.
4) Schedule a consultation. Generally, most professionals would like to see in person the canvas and have a consultation before getting started, especially if you have specific requests. If you are not sure what you want, the artisan can offer ideal options that fit your landscape and vague topics. With the onsite consultation, both parties can get a better idea have the sculpture.
5) Tree sculpture design. During the beginning process, if you have a specific design, you can certainly let the artist know what you are looking for. However, if you know you want a sculpture, but unsure what, there many options that can help you decide. It can relate to culture, a favorite mascot or animal, furniture, a pet memorial, and so many options.

Custom Chainsaw Carvings in Las Vegas, Nevada, Helena, Montana & Nampa, Idaho

After all of the details are straightened out, the work can begin. Some artists may ask to have you sign a contract. Keep in mind that this work is done by dedicated artisans who want to ensure you get your sculpture. If you are looking to transform the stump/tree in your landscaping into a sculpture, call Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings and let Clark the Carver get started!

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