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  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!

Owl Wood Chainsaw Carvings & Fun Facts; They Can Turn Their Heads 270 Degrees!

One type of bird that has taken the world by storm and seem to more loved every day is the owl. They are not a bird that is seen too often and their giant round eyes and full face make them a bird that people love. There are pillows, blankets, pictures and more that you can purchase with a cute owl staring back at you. They are an amazing bird that have been depicted in cartoons like Winnie The Pooh and major motion pictures like Harry Potter. Have you ever wondered why people love them so much? There are some really cool facts about owls that may help you understand their uniqueness.

Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carving List Some Amazing & Interesting Facts About Owls

Owls Can Turn Their Head 270 Degrees!: Okay turning their head is not the amazing thing about them because we can turn our head too. The amazing aspect is that owls can turn their head quite a bit further than a person can. Some people think that an owl can rotate their head nearly all the way but that is not true. They can in fact turn their head about 270 degrees either way! A person is only able to turn their head 180 degrees. The owl has specialized bones and vessels that make it easy for them to rotate as far as they can.
Owls Might Need Glasses: When it comes to vision owls have some aspects that are pretty great. They don’t have spherical eyes like we do they have what is called tubular eyes. They don’t have an eyeball that can move around to see which is why they need to be able to rotate their head around. They are far sighted and that means that up close everything seems blurry. The far distance is great and that is why they are able to zone in a prey so easily. For up close vision they actually will use the small feathers around the beak to help determine what is in their path.
Owls Have No Table Manners: When you sit down for dinner you are expected to use your utensils and a napkin. Birds are not able to do that which is why some of them will use their beak to break apart the food they are eating. When it comes to owls they actually swallow the entire small animal whole! They are able to digest what they need and will regurgitate up the bones, feather and other parts that they cannot break down. These are what are referred to as owl pellets and schools will even use them to study the diet of owls.
Owls Are Great At Hide & Seek: When it comes to birds that are able to hide in plain sight the owl is the top of the list. Many birds are brightly colored and stand out to attract a potential mate. Owls sleep all day and they need to be able to blend into the world around them. Their markings and feathers make is to that they blend right into the bark of a tree they are sleeping in.

Owl Bird Chainsaw Carvings in Helena, Montana & Las Vegas, Nevada

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