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  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!

Most Powerful Good Luck Symbols; Elephant, Four Leaf Clover, Horseshoe, Rabbit’s Foot & Other Charms

The year of 2020 has been one that in some form no matter who you are has been a struggle. There are lots of people that are struggling with work, business, mental health and a way to find joy. The pandemic has caused people to pull away from the people that usually are there to help them and uplift them. This is why many are trying to find ways to bring peace to the world around them. This is something that we are all looking forward to with a new year. There are things you can do to try and give yourself the best chance to bring luck to this next chapter of life. One way you can do that is to find ways to add luck to your home and a chainsaw carving can help do that! There are signs and symbols you can have carved and keep around that are believed to bring luck to your home. It seems with the way that that last year has been most people will take any chance that luck will be on their side. Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings outlines some carving ideas that represent luck.

Elephant Wood Carving

There are some cultures that think that the elephant is a sign and symbol of luck as well as other things. If you have a carving of an elephant that is placed near an entrance of a home or business it is said to bring in luck to all those that pass by the entrance. Not only are you setting the luck for your own family but also all those that you have over to visit as well. The other things that the elephant has been known to bring is love, wealth and health. These are all things that anyone would be happy to have in your life and especially after such a hard year. There is also the Hindu that believe that an elephant is the God of Luck and is something that is great to give as a gift and have in your home.

Four Leaf Clover Front Door Carving

You can also use things that are found in nature and is said to be something that is hard to find and not as common. The four leaf clover is something that has been thought of by the Irish to carry luck, hope, faith and even love. The legend is that if you were to find a clover that had four leaves if would lead to good luck. Some people think that the presence of a white clover that has four leaves is the best option for luck. You can have a four leaf clover that is carved and placed around your house.

Carved Horseshoe

Another item that is found to bring luck to homes is a simple horseshoe. The horseshoe is an item that is usually placed in a home and is made sure to be placed upright so that the luck that the shoe holds will not fall out. The reason that the horseshoe holds luck is from what the horse that wears it represents and that is strength and dependability. The tradition says that a horseshoe brings power of evil and good luck. It is also a sign of fertility that is good for a new couple that is ready to start a family.

Symbols Of Luck Chainsaw Carved Out Of Wood in Las Vegas, Nevada, Helena, Montana & Nampa, Idaho

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