• Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Presentation of Custom Chainsaw Carving in Memory of Fallen K-9 Officer Nicky
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  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!

Wood Chainsaw Carvings of the Best Service Dog Breeds; Golden Retriever, Collie, Labrador & More

When you are someone that is in need of a service dog there are many options to choose from. When you think of a service dog you might think that it is for someone that is visually or hearing impaired. Although those were the original reasons behind the need of a service dog, the industry has broken out in many other facets. With veterans coming back from combat the need for a companion service dog has increased. There is also a reported increase in autism as well as depression and anxiety and research has shown that a service dog that acts as a companion has increased these sufferer’s ability to interact in the community with much more ease. There are also dogs that can be used as an alert dog for specific health concerns. There are some that alert for food allergies and if there is something that you should not be eating. They also have a sense to be able to alert for someone that has seizures when an episode is eminent.

Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings Lists Commonly Used Breeds Of Dogs For Service Animals

Golden Retrievers: One of the most sought after breeds for services dogs is the golden retriever. They are a great option for many reasons. They have a very easy temperament that is great with kids, adults, other dogs and even other pets. They strive to please and want to work which means it wont take much to motivate them. They are great for a person that needs a companion all the way to visual impairment. Their ability to learn and understand commands quickly make them ideal.
Poodles: This may not be what you picture when thinking about a service dog but they are an amazing choice. They are a very strong breed with an easy to please temperament. That makes them great for all kinds of service. The reason that they are near the top of the list is that they are considered a hypo-allergenic dog. They don’t shed and have very little dander which is perfect for a family that has allergies.
Border Collies: The next dog on the list is a bit smaller than the first but has increased in the usage of a service dog. They are one of the very smartest dogs and their ability to herd makes them great at keeping someone out of trouble. They also are used a lot for search and rescue missions as well as helping with health disorders such as PTSD.
Pomeranians: This is a dog that may seem very odd to use as a service dog but they are great in many instances. They are small which is good for elderly or any person that has a disability that keeps them from caring for a larger dog. They are good for alerting hard of hearing individuals for noises that they need to know are coming such as sirens. They also can be trained to alert for potential health hazards.

Wood Sculpture, Signs & More Chainsaw Carved in Las Vegas, Nevada & Helena, Montana

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