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Timeline & History of Wood Chainsaw Carvings; Inventors & Early Chainsaw Patterns to Custom Sculptures, Statues & Signs Today!

Wood Carving has a Deep Rooted History from the Beginning of Man Chainsaw carving is a fantastic development that originated from wood carving in the earliest days of man. With little to no tools, wood carvings were performed with sharpened rocks to make items of necessity. Shaping wood with sharpened rocks and bones became a…

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Totem Pole Hierarchy & Origin; Why Totems Were Made & Chainsaw Carved Totem Poles Still Made Today!

Totem poles are nothing unheard of. They have been around for what seems like forever. Being carved from poles, pillars or posts; totem poles are monumental sculptures depicting symbols and figures. Large trees are usually the canvas, with western red cedar being the most common. Odoodem is word that evolved into the word totem, coming…

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Surname Etymology are the Meanings Behind Last Names. Celebrate Yours with a Custom Family Name Chainsaw Carved Wooden Sign!

What’s in a name? The great old question even resonates in classic Shakespeare. Etymology is referring to the literal meaning behind the name. Few are privy to the meaning of their given names but perhaps a parent chose it for that meaning. Every now and then some go the extra mile to find out, but…

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