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  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!
  • Chainsaw Carvings, Sculptures, Signs & More!

Chainsaw Carving Coyote Facts; How Fast Can Coyotes Run, What Do They Eat & More

Coyotes are fairly known across the United States. Though they are more populated in different areas than they are others. They are wild animals that belong to the Canidae family and share many characteristics and traits to their wolf, dog, fox, and jackal relatives. Coyotes have lean bodies covered in thick fur with bushy tails and feature narrow, elongated snouts along with yellow eyes. Coyotes are known for being wily and highly intelligent creatures animals, their heightened sense of hearing, smell and sight gives them an edge. They hunt at night and will howl to one another to communicate their location. Because so many people find these remarkable, quite a few enjoy collecting them in art form. From photographs to painting, to little trinkets and various types of collectibles, Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings includes them in our chainsaw carvings. We would like to share some of the fundamentals concerning coyotes with your today.

What Do Coyotes Look Like?

Coyotes are smaller than wolves and average about the size of a medium-sized dog; from head to rump they range 32- 37 inches in length and their generally adds 16 inches or so. The average weight of a coyote is 20 to 50 pounds. Depending on where they live the coloring of their fur is gray, white, tan or brown. Mountain coyotes have the darker coats where the desert coyotes have the lighter coats.

Where Do Coyotes Live?

Coyotes prefer to keep to the remote areas but as people continue to encroach and develop on the open land, they adapt into cities and are becoming more common. Generally, coyotes are solitary animals and use their urine to mark their territory. They will form packs and use teamwork to hunt deer and larger game however. According to experts they will take turns pursuing the deer until it eventually tires or drive the prey toward an ambush.

What Do Coyotes Eat?

More often than not, coyotes stick to smaller game however, such as rodents, rabbits, fish and frogs, but will eat deer. Coyotes are not picky eaters and 90% of their diet is mammalian. Being omnivorous they will eat snakes, insects, fruit and grass just as easily as they do meat. They have been known to take down livestock and even pets if they are hungry enough, but they are usually more beneficial controlling the agriculture pests like rodents. In the cities, they will also eat garbage and pet food if they need to.

How Fast Can a Coyote Run?

Coyotes can run at high speeds and can run at approximately 40 miles per hour. When their current area is overpopulated, they, males especially, will travel up 100 miles to find food. Coyotes are not an endangered animal; in fact experts estimate the population is at its peak. In some areas, the overpopulation is causing the need for coyote control.

Coyote Chainsaw Carvings & More in Las Vegas, NV & Helena, MT

Where some people think coyotes are nothing more than a pest, others hold these beautiful creatures in high regard. If you or a loved one or are partial to these beauties, call Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings to get your custom made coyote carving or check out what we have in stock. Clark the Carver creates these sculptures, making them one of a kind and you can of these unique additions to your collection. Contact us today!

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