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Easter Decor; Wood Chainsaw Carved Bunnies Part One. Pygmy & Black Tailed Jack Rabbits & Snowshoe, Arctic & Alaskan Hares

Clark the Carver from Carve Me A Bear! Chainsaw Carvings has the ability to use his chainsaw to carve many types of creations. One type of carving that is very popular with customers is the chainsaw carving of animals. The chainsaw carving itself is made from wood which is a very natural element so it…

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Clark The Carver Does a Chainsaw Carving Safety Demonstration & Helps a Cub Scout Troop Earn Their Wood Carving Belt Loop in Las Vegas, NV!

Clark The Carver is a well-known carver in Las Vegas, Nevada that does custom, one of a kind chainsaw carvings out of wood stumps. The reclaimed wood is picked up by Clark and he uses specialized tools and skills to carve unique creations such as bears, dogs, owls and more. Clark has always done a…

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Owl Wood Chainsaw Carvings & Barn Owl Facts; Appearance, Size, Habitat, Diet, Behavior, Sounds & More

Owls are the oldest living birds with origins tracing back 60 million years. They have been featured in almost all ancient mythology and the barn owl has been part of English folklore since long ago. People often associate the barn owl with doom because they’re nocturnal and associated with darkness and therefore associated with death.…

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